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Tire Repair and Replacement

Keeping the tires on your vehicle in good condition and properly inflated is important for safety, for maintaining good gas mileage, and for handling on the road. Cherry Park Automotive is happy to be your partner in verifying that your tires are roadworthy at all times. We offer tire repair and replacement, as well as other related services you need, such as tire balancing , plugs, patches, and front end alignment.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

When you get an oil change, Cherry Park Automotive checks the pressure and condition of your tires as part of a vehicle inspection. In between visits, make sure that your tires are properly inflated through visual checks or by checking them with a tire pressure gauge. If one tire is losing air, you could find yourself with a flat tire at an inopportune time, so make sure to stop in to assess the leak.  Of course, even if you take care of your tires, you might hit a nail or pothole that damages your tire or makes it flat. Bring your damaged tire to Cherry Park for our expert repair services.

Replace Your Tires When They Show Wear

Your tires are sold with an indication of how many miles you might expect them to last. This estimate depends on your driving habits, whether you have the tires properly inflated, and whether your car is in balance. If you notice tire wear, stop by one of our locations to have them checked. Our technicians will help you find the proper size and the best tires for your driving needs, whether you need a full or partial set of tires.

Visit Cherry Park Automotive For Tire Repair And Replacement

For tire repair, replacement and service, visit one of our Cherry Park Automotive locations in Auto Repair Experts. Just stop by or give us a call 832-626-4227 to schedule