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Northwest Houston State Emissions Inspection From Cherry Park Automotive

In the State of Texas, it’s a law that all vehicles registered here have a comprehensive safety inspection and, depending on the county, an emissions test as well. While you might think these requirements are a nuisance, the laws are on the books to keep the cars on Texas highways safe and compliant with federal emission standards.

What The Inspections Reveal

In the Houston/Galveston area, vehicles older than 1995 will receive the Accelerated Simulation Mode (ASM) test, while newer vehicles will receive the Onboard Diagnostic (OBD 11) test. The ASM emissions test uses a dynamometer to measure exhaust emissions from the tailpipe at high and low speeds. This test picks up symptoms of engine problems such as excessive Hydrocarbons (HC), Excessive Carbon Monoxide (CO) and the Excessive Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx).

Tests for newer cars interact with their computerized systems to verify the status of the Check Engine light and interpret codes produced by three monitors in the vehicles, the Misfire, Fuel System, and Comprehensive Components. The test identifies malfunctions or problems with devices that control exhaust emission levels and points out other potentially costly problems that could also result in higher emissions.

Obtain Your State Emissions Inspection At Cherry Park Automotive

To make it easy to obtain a safety and emissions inspection for your car, you can visit any of the authorized centers located in your Texas County. The state utilizes independent repair facilities, such as Auto repair experts, who have been certified by the state as a Recognized Emissions Repair Facility of Texas.

As a vehicle owner, you will find that working with a neighborhood repair shop is very convenient, and it assures you that an experienced professional is examining your car. If your car fails the safety or emissions test, we can do the repairs on-site and then retest your vehicle. After the inspection, our ASE certified mechanics give your car the same 21 point inspection we offer to our oil change and other service customers to make sure that your car is roadworthy in all respects.