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Starter And Alternator Services 

  Though you may think that it is your battery that generates electricity to power many of the systems within your car, it is your alternator that activates your ignition coils, fuel injection system, the engine fan, and other essential parts by transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy. You starter changes electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy to help get your car going. Keeping your car running requires that your alternator, battery, ignition, and starter are all working properly. 

  Prevent Starter Or Alternator Failure 

Before you experience the click of a dead starter or the gradual loss of power that accompanies a dying alternator, you should have the experienced mechanics at Cherry Park Automotive regularly test your electrical system. Though replacing either your starter or alternator can set you back $200-$300 each, you are at an advantage having the repair done when you are at the shop on a scheduled visit, rather than stranded by the side of the road. 

Typically, when your alternator is starting to go out, you might find that your headlights are dim, gauges are flickering, or the car is producing unusual smells or sounds. As the alternator continues to lose power, it relies more on the battery to power the car. The car can continue to run for a few minutes or a few hours. if you notice this happening, you should turn off all nonessential items in the car such as the radio, heater or air-conditioning, and try to get your car to a safe place where you can call for help before it completely loses power. 

Cherry Park Automotive Of NW Houston Can Help  

At Auto Repair experts, which serves Harris county, we have diagnostic equipment to quickly determine the condition of your starter, alternator, and other parts. If your equipment is not in good condition, we can replace your failing parts with new or rebuilt equipment to get you on your way.