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Muffler and Exhaust Services

When your muffler needs repair, comes lose, or falls off, you and everyone around you are very aware you have a problem. Aside from the loud noise, a faulty or missing muffler allows carbon monoxide to enter your vehicle, while sending harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Over time, the muffler and other components of your exhaust system wear out or break down due to the climate and normal road usage.
An annual inspection can prevent muffler problems and keep your exhaust system in good condition.
of your exhaust system wear our or break down due to the climate and normal road usage.

When Do You Need Muffler and Exhaust Service?

When this happens, you can develop holes, cracks, rust, and loose connections that cause more problems besides noise. If left unattended, you will:

Hear noises that become increasingly loud when the engine is running

Rattling when you slow down

Dashboard warning lights

Engine vibrations

Decreasing fuel efficiency

Smell of gas in the car

Pollute the environment

Cherry Park Auto Serves NW Houston With Comprehensive Muffler and Exhaust Service

When you experience any sign of muffler or exhaust system failure, Cherry Park Automotive will provide a thorough inspection and will repair or replace any worn, rusted, or malfunctioning parts. With state-of-the art training and tools to detect problems, our technicians provide the services you need to get you back on road in no time.  

When you muffler and exhaust service in the NW Houston area, including Cherry Park, Copperfield,  and Jersey Village, make Cherry Park Automotive your destination for maintenance and repair.