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Fuel Pump And Fuel Filter Replacement And Service

To transport fuel from the fuel tank to the engine, most modern fuel-injected cars use a fuel pump that creates positive pressure in the fuel line, which pushes gas toward the engine. The pump works in conjunction with a fuel filter to assure that only fuel free of dirt, rust particles, and other contaminants reaches the engine. Whether your fuel pump malfunctions or your fuel filter clogs up, you can be faced with a car that stalls or does not start. Keeping both your fuel pump and your fuel filter running properly is a job that you should entrust to the technicians at Cherry Park Automotive.

Common Signs Of A Malfunctioning Fuel Pump

If the fuel pump in your car goes bad or malfunctions, there are several signs to watch for:

The engine will not start

The engine sputters at high speeds about 10 minutes into a drive, and then recovers

The car loses power during acceleration

The car loses power under stress when climbing a hill or hauling a heavy load

The car surges even though pressure on the gas pedal is constant

Cherry Park Automotive Can Fix Any Fuel Filter Or Fuel Pump Problem

In the past, many car owners replaced their own fuel filters. In some modern cars, the filter is built inside the fuel tank which makes replacement impossible unless the fuel pump is replaced as well.
Today, taking care of the fuel filter or pump often means scheduling a service call with Cherry Park Automotive at the first sign of problems. The issue may prove to be with the type of fuel used, the fuel pump itself, or with the fuel injectors, transmission, or other parts of the system.