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Northwest Houston Engine Repair And Replacement From Cherry Park Auto

Whether you see the dreaded “Check Engine” light on your dashboard, or notice that your car is burning excessive oil, making knocking or tapping sounds, or sending a large volume of smoke from the tailpipe,you may need engine repair or replacement. That simple check engine light could signal that you need a $10 spark plug, a $200 oxygen sensor, or something more costly that could cause engine failure if not promptly tended to. If your engine gets to the point where you need to consider replacing it, you can expect to pay 20-25% of the cost of a new vehicle for the same brand and type of engine.

Our ASE Certified Mechanics Can Help You Maintain Your Engine

As with any part of your car, your engine experiences wear and tear and requires normal maintenance. If you ignore symptoms and put off oil changes and other routine service, you are asking for trouble. On the other hand, if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for maintenance by bringing your car into a reputable service facility such as Auto repair Experts, you will put this costly component of your car under the eyes of experienced professionals. Our ASE certified mechanics automatically perform a multi-point check of your car’s engine and related systems, even during routine maintenance, and can notify you of potential problems you may not be aware of.

Should you need more extensive repairs, we are trained and experienced in engine repair and replacement of most car brands. Have a Mercedes, Lamborghini, or Ferrari that you wouldn’t trust to just anyone? Our technicians have specialized expertise in working with these high performance engines.

Engine Repair And Replacement At Three Convenient Northwest Houston Locations

With three locations to serve you in Northwest Houston, we serve Cherry Park, Copperfield, Jersey Village, and other nearby cities. We can handle everything from replacing a windshield wiper blade to the most complex engine repair and replacement, so you can confidently place your car repair needs in our hands.