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NW Houston Belt and Hose Inspection & Replacement

The belts and hoses in your car help keep it running smoothly, so it is important to have them visually inspected and checked regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. These parts suffer continuous abuse from heat, vibration, and chemicals, which can cause them to crack, fray, peel, slip, leak, or fail.

Why Belts And Hoses Are Important To Your Car

The belts in your car power the alternator, power steering pump, radiator cooling fan, water pump, and air conditioning compressors. When the belt slips off, wears out, or breaks, whole systems of your car fail to work correctly, or worse, you find yourself stranded.

Your car’s hoses deliver vital fluids such as gas to the fuel tank, coolant to the radiator, power steering fluid to the power steering pump, and coolant to the heater core. Cracks or leaks in any of these hoses can prevent fluids from reaching these systems, which can cause the system to fail. 

Keep Your Belts & Hoses In Good Condition With Regular Inspections

Regularly checking hoses and belts is part of the inspection that is included with every oil change at Cherry Park Automotive. If we find that a hose or belt needs attention, we can repair it on the spot to keep your car in top shape. Even if you have a specialty or high performance car with specific needs, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done.

Serving NW Houston, including Cherry Park, Copperfield, and Jersey Village, Cherry Park Automotive is ready to serve your car repair needs.