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Visit Auto Repair Experts, Your NW Houston Oil Change Center

Fresh oil keeps your engine running right. Though the oil in your car starts out a translucent golden color, it turns to solid black after recycling through your car’s engine. The dirtier your oil gets, the less effective job it does at protecting your engine. Though modern oil is formulated for long-lasting service, it still breaks down under the extreme temperatures in your engine.

Following the oil change schedule recommended for your car is important. Why? Oil cools and lubricates your car, prevents buildup of carbon and other materials in the engine and makes it run quieter. Cherry Park Automotive will keep you on schedule for peak performance.


How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Your car may have a gauge that effectively monitors how often you should change the oil. However, besides following the gauge and the manufacturer’s recommendations, the way you drive also affects the frequency of oil changes. If you do little driving in normal conditions, you can go longer between oil changes. On the other hand, if you’re driving in extreme temperatures, on dirt roads, in heavy stop and go traffic, or towing trailers on a regular basis, you will need to change the oil more often than recommended by the manufacturer.  

What Kind Of Oil Is Right For Your Car?

When you change your oil, you have many choices in the type of oil to put back into your car. Besides conventional oil which is petroleum based and contains additives, your Cherry Park Auto technician can offer you synthetic oil engineered to last longer between changes. We offer all major brands to serve your American, European, or Japanese vehicles.

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AC Delco                     

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Borg Warner                 






Our oil change services start at just $19.95. Call your Cherry Park technician or stop in to get an exact price for your vehicle.

Have A High-Performance Car Like A Lamborghini Or Ferrari?

Trust your baby to Cherry Park Auto! We will service your car with the finest products that prevent wear and sludge buildup even when you test the limits of your engine.

Keep Your Car Running At Peak Performance In NW Houston

Maintaining your oil is only one part of keeping your car running at peak performance. You oil changes are also a good time to check other fluids in the car, check tire pressure and rotate tires, check brake pads, and more. That’s why Cherry Park offers a free 21 point safety inspection with every oil change to uncover any potential issues – we want to keep you on the road, not in our shop!

Serving NW Houston, including Cherry Park, Copperfield, and Jersey Village, Cherry Park Automotive is ready to serve all your car repair needs