Jaguar Repairs And Maintenance In Houston
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Thursday, 06 October 2016 21:32
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JaguarWhether you own a newer model of Jaguar or an older one manufactured over the company's 94-year history, you have a classic vehicle on your hands that you want only the most quality technicians to service. The staff at Cherry Park Automotive are car lovers themselves who appreciate your concerns and who have the skills to keep your car running right.

Quality Repairs For Current And Classic Jaguars

Current Jaguar models include the F type, the XE, the XF, and the XJ, along with concept cars such as the C 75, but collectors may have valuable older models such as the Jaguar SS, SS100, XKE, XK120, XK140, XK150, MK IV, and the MKV. Whether you want to keep your modern vehicle in good condition, or you want to restore or preserve a historic vehicle, you know that the car's value is on the line every time you bring it in for service.

For recent model Jaguars, you want to take the vehicle to a shop who knows how to perform the basics your car requires, such as oil changes, tire replacement and alignment, brake jobs, electrical system repairs, and transmission issues. Your Jaguar, as is true with all cars, has its peculiarities and challenges. By being familiar with precise engineering of Jaguars, our manufacturer-certified technicians are equipped to make your vehicle run showroom new, the way the manufacturer intended. We have years of experience servicing Jaguars, Lexus, Mercedes, and other high-end cars, so you can feel confident in trusting your valuable vehicle to us.

Addressing Special Issues Of Classic Vehicles

If you have a Jaguar made in the heyday of the popularity of the Jaguar after World War II or later, your ability to show the car at classic car rallies depends on making repairs that do not compromise the original vehicle or alter it in any way. Working on classic cars requires skills and a commitment to put in the amount of time required to repair it, while using original or authentically restored parts.

If you are going to drive your classic Jaguar, you might want to bring it up to modern safety standards. For better braking, for example, you might want the braking system upgraded by having the technician convert drum brakes to disc brakes, or adding a vacuum servo to make braking easier. Whomever you entrust with your car should be willing to do the research to make the repairs right, so as not to inadvertently devalue your classic car. Replacing tires, adding seatbelts, or making other repairs are more problematic if you don't want to affect the drivability of the car or lose points at car shows. Cherry Park Automotive will help you protect your investment by doing maintenance and repairs correctly.

Competent, Convenient Service

Based in NW Houston, Cherry Park Automotive serves Katy, Cherry Park, Copperfield, and Jersey Village. Whether you have a current or legacy Jaguar, we can meet your car repair needs and count you among our family of satisfied repair customers.

For an appointment for an oil change, brake inspection, or major repair at any of our three locations at Cherry Park or Jersey Village, call (832) 593-0077 to schedule an appointment.


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