Put Your Lexus In The Competent Hands Of Technicians At Cherry Park Automotive
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Thursday, 02 June 2016 21:02
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black 2014 Lexas 350f

If your Lexus is your baby, you’ll want to make sure that the service facility you use for repairs and maintenance will treat it with the same loving care you do. You expect to find trained technicians with years of experience working specifically on the Lexus brand who will treat your car with respect.

We Service All Models

At Cherry Park Automotive, we work on all models including current IS, ES, GS, LS sedans, RC coupes, and SUVs and hybrids, along with older models. Our technicians are factory-trained to do repairs and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations so that your warranty stays intact. Unlike some shops who take advantage of owners of high-end foreign cars, our mechanics at Cherry Park Automotive are committed to offering you high quality service at a reasonable price. They love to work on Lexus brand vehicles and they take the time to do it right.

Lexus Repairs, Routine And Major

Whether you need an oil change, new brake pads, air conditioning repair, or other routine maintenance or you need major work done on your engine or transmission, we use genuine Lexus parts as per the service manual. When you leave Cherry Park Automotive in your Lexus, you will be pleased with how we treated your car, how quickly we did the work, and how your car drives. We know you love your Lexus, and so do we.

Competent, Convenient Service

Based in NW Houston, we serve Cherry Park, Copperfield, and Jersey Village. Cherry Park Automotive wants to meet your car repair needs and have you join our family of satisfied Lexus repair customers.

To schedule an appointment for an oil change, brake inspection or major repair at any of our three locations at Cherry Park or Jersey Village, call (832) 593-0077.


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